Kid Playing with Wooden Toys

Sweet Peas Curriculum

Creating a Brighter Future

Preparing for the brightest future, The  Sweet Pea Experience provides unparalleled dedication and commitment to students and their variety of needs, passions and dreams. Passport to learning is derived from the lastest research, theory, and practices in early childhood education. We focus on play based activities which enrich, promote, and enhance these childhood experiences. The Sweet Pea Experience will take our children on a worldly expedition through learning. 

Here at Sweet Pea one of our core values is to introduce our children to new and unfamiliar concepts. We will introduce seven countries within the school year. Introducing these countries include basic salutations, numbers, songs, and activities that reflect those countries culture and beliefs.

We will explore these countries on a month to month basis:








Kindergarten Classroom

Mission Community Learning

Our mission is to create a program that engages every single student. We strive to help students accomplish challenges and exceed their goals in a caring and supportive environment. One of the most important ways that we enrich our educational experience is by staying involved in the Augusta area.

We participate in Project happy hearts. They provide valentines to service members, fire force, and elders in the elderly community.

We also have our own nonprofit , Peggy's Coats and Totes, which is dedicated to servicing those in need and the homeless. We provide coats and personal hygiene bags throughout the community.