Kids Painting

School time is here!

The school year has finally come and this year we are offering a pre-k ready program in our new facility!
This program allows your child to get ready to move to the next level while still having fun and the daycare experience. 

Drawing & Coloring

How to Join The Sweet Peas

To enroll your child in this private pre-k experience , you will first need to come in and fill out an application. After the application process you will need to decide if you just want the pre-k experience or the pre-k experience and childcare. Based on criteria set up by our director we will determine if your child is ready to be involved in this program.  If your child is not ready at the time we will reevaluate and allow them to join at a later date. This is all based on a first come, first served basis. PLEASE remember this is a private pre-k program so the pricing may differ from surrounding facilities.

Kids Drawing

Criteria that needs to be met for program

The following must be met:
1. Ages 2-5 years old ( Can still come even with a late birthday)
2.Your child must be potty trained and/or capable of verbally telling us they have to go.
3. Must be able to pay attention for a duration of time.